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Amy's Latest Romance

For Her Consideration

"With vibrant prose, a setting that is both upscale glam and homey comfort, and a thrumming, pounding, romantic heart, For Her Consideration is pure romance magic."
New York Times bestselling author of The Soulmate Equation
"I loved how joyful, how thoughtful, and how real For Her Consideration was. This book made me laugh out loud, smile big, and swoon hard. Amy Spalding made me adore Nina and her friends, fall in love with Nina and Ari, and want to live in their world forever."
New York Times bestselling author of While We Were Dating
"For Her Consideration is so many things I want in a book: funny, sexy, and super queer. Spending time in Nina and Ari's world was a joy. Amy Spalding has written a warm celebration of Los Angeles, chosen family, and learning how to love and be loved."
Cameron Esposito,
bestselling author of Save Yourself
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  • February 2023 libraryreads pick

  • Barnes & Noble Bookseller Favorite

  • NAMED A most anticipated book of 2023 by bookriot, buzzfeed, and paste magazine

When an aspiring L.A. scriptwriter falls head-over-heels for a bossy and beautiful movie star after a devastating break-up, the two take a risk on love and cast themselves as the leading ladies of their own star-struck romance in this sweet and spirited love story from critically-acclaimed writer Amy Spalding in her adult debut.

Since a crushing breakup three years ago, Nina Rice has written romance, friends, her dreams of scriptwriting for TV, and even L.A. proper out of her life. Instead, she’s safely out in the suburbs in her aunt’s condo working her talent agency job from home, managing celebrity email accounts, and certain that’s plenty of writing—and plot—for her life. But a surprise meeting called by Ari Fox, a young actress on everyone’s radar, stirs up all kinds of feelings Nina thought she’d deleted for good…
Ari is sexy, out and proud, and a serious control freak, according to Nina’s boss. She has her own ideas about how Nina should handle her emails—and about getting to know her ghostwriter. When she tells Nina she should be writing again, Nina suddenly finds it less scary to revisit her abandoned life than seriously consider that Ari is flirting with her. Between reconnecting with her old crew and working on a new script, a relationship with a movie star seems like something she’ll definitely mess up—but what could be more worth the risk?

A funny, flirty, and heartwarming novel about bad breakups, found families, and embracing life. A moving love story sure to appeal to fans of Casey McQuiston and Meryl Wilsner.

“A fiercely funny, super sexy story about believing in your dreams, finding your chosen family, and letting yourself be loved. After reading For Her Consideration, I’m in love with both Los Angeles and Ari Fox. Amy Spalding has such a gift for snappy dialogue and loving, quirky friend groups, and I’ll read everything she writes.”
Kerry Winfrey,
author of Just Another Love Song 

"For Her Consideration is a heartening, dishy, celebratory novel that features true-to-life queer characters—the exact kind of book I’ve longed to see flourish on bookstore and library shelves. It is an absolute delight to read and a worthy addition to the modern romantic-comedy genre."
Camille Perri,
author of When Katie Met Cassidy

"For Her Consideration is the perfect kind of romance—it  sucks you in, makes you swoon, and leaves you utterly satisfied AND wanting more. Amy Spalding has created an authentic Hollywood love story between two wonderfully relatable women both striving to find themselves while also falling for each other."
Kate Spencer,
bestselling author of In a New York Minute

For Her Consideration is incredibly funny, queer, sweet, and sexy. Anyone with a toxic ex or a serious celebrity crush will be able to relate! It's about learning to trust yourself and the people in your life, and it's guaranteed to leave you smiling and wanting to hug your chosen family very hard.”
Celia Laskey,
author of So Happy for You and Under the Rainbow 



Lydia and her younger sister Penny make a pact to avoid boy drama for the summer—but Lydia can’t help looking for a loophole when she falls for a cute girl
"Buoyant and genuinely funny. A love letter to summer friends, summer girls, and the city of Los Angeles."
#1 New York Times bestselling author
No Boy Summer.jpg
Lydia Jones and her younger sister Penny have had it with boy drama. Last year was marred by relationship disasters for both of them, threatening Lydia’s standing with her school’s theater tech club and Penny’s perfect GPA. Penny has, naturally, diagnosed the problem and prescribed a drastic solution: a summer off from boys.

Lydia and Penny decide to stay with their Aunt Grace and her boyfriend Oscar in Los Angeles while their parents are off on a European cruise. Penny follows her future-business-school dreams with an internship at Oscar’s office, and Lydia gets a part-time job at Grace’s neighborhood coffeeshop, Grounds Control.

Even when they spent hours, days, weeks dissecting their various boy drama, Lydia’s never felt this connected to her sister before, and it makes her wonder what else in her life could be different. She finds herself drawn to a group of friends she meets through her Grounds Control coworker, Margaret, as well as an intriguing customer, Fran, an aspiring filmmaker and—while not the first girl Lydia finds herself attracted to—the first girl who has mutual feelings for her. But she’s not breaking her pledge to Penny, right? That was just about boys. Even though in her heart Lydia knows she’s bending the rules, she hasn’t had a connection with anyone as strong as her connection with Fran, so she thinks it can’t be wrong. And Penny won’t mind as long as she’s happy . . . Right?
"No Boy Summer is the perfect summer hangout book - warm, witty, and heartfelt. Watching Lydia turn into a person who's more than the sum of her romantic relationships is an empowering, relatable journey."
award-winning author of Indestructible Object

"I want to spend every summer with Amy Spalding’s characters. Thoughtful, funny, and a great escape from whatever ails you."
author of Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel



We Used to Be Friends

We Used to Be Friends_pb.jpg
"Amy Spalding knows that best friendships are love stories, and this one is complex, earnest, and unflinching. A must-read for anyone who's ever had or lost a friend."
bestselling author of Simon & the Homo Sapiens Agenda
⭐"It’s rare to find a novel that treats friendship so perceptively and acknowledges its potential end so truthfully."
starred review
"Amy Spalding spins a story of friendship, family, love, and longing as perfect and bittersweet as the last days of summer."
Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Like Water
"A captivating snapshot of a friendship that many teens will relate to. Spalding explores important questions while lyrically weaving the two stories together."
School Library Journal
"Honest, heartfelt, and fiercely charming. This is Amy Spalding at her absolute best."
bestselling author of The Beginning of Everything
"We Used to Be Friends chronicles the end of a friendship with a bittersweet authenticity balanced by Amy Spalding's trademark humor. This book will break your heart like only a best friend can."
author of Somewhere Only We Know
  • 2021 ALA Rainbow List Title

  • 2021 TAYSHAS Reading List Title

  • 2021 ALA YALSA Amazing Audiobooks Nominee

  • Amazon Teachers' Pick

  • NAMED A Best Book of 2020 by Cosmopolitan,  Refinery 29, and more



(and the best burger in Los Angeles)

"This book is the queer, fat girl rom-com of my dreams! Plus-size fashion, a fat girl falling in love, nuanced friendships, and cheeseburgers! Did I mention cheeseburgers?"
Julie Murphy,
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin'
"If your heart sings for teen rom-coms, then stop reading right here – this book delivers every bit of the fizzy fun the genre promises, from perfect first kisses to the heady joy that only a crush reciprocated can bring."
⭐"Funny, full of heart, and refreshingly free of a weight-loss arc."
starred review
"The Summer of Jordi Perez is a confectionary delight. From lovely romantic date nights to secret makeout sessions to utterly relatable friend drama, this is the happy queer-girl romance I've been longing for since I knew enough to long for happy queer-girl romance."
Robin Talley,
New York Times bestselling author of Lies We Tell Ourselves
"Yes, this book is as fantastic as it sounds."
  • NAMED A Best Book of 2018 by NPR, The Boston Globe, Kirkus, Cosmopolitan, Autostraddle, BuzzFeed, BookRiot, Paste, PopSugar, and More

  • 2019 ALA Rainbow List Title

  • 2019 TAYSHAS Reading List Title

  • 2019 ALA YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers Nominee

  • 2019 Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Nominee

coming in 2024


"At Her Service is a charming, uplifting, and deeply relatable romance perfect for any reader who has ever dreamed of stepping into their own best life. I want to befriend Amy Spalding’s characters and live in her quirky queer romantic world forever."
Susie Dumond,
author of Queerly Beloved
"At Her Service is a painfully relatable story of finding the courage to reach for what you really want from inside the messy reality of your twenties. It made me snort with laughter more than once, and anyone who has ever taken comfort in a queer dive bar will be so invested in Johnny's—and its hot bartender—right along with Max. A wonderfully hopeful, queer, LA love story."
Anita Kelly,
author of Something Wild & Wonderful
"At Her Service is an ingenious millennial coming-of-age story about trying to find yourself in the age of apps and a culture of grind. Highly relatable, laugh-out-loud funny, and full of hot-bartender sapphic swoon, Amy Spalding joyfully reminds us that growing up can happen at any age and that we're all works in progress."
Alison Cochrun,
author of Kiss Her Once for Me and The Charm Offensive
AHS 3D.png
A sweetly sexy, thoroughly modern new novel about single life, social media, career goals, and making the bold move to grab your own happiness—and write your own love story.

Max Van Doren has a wish list, and a great career and a girlfriend are at the top. But despite being pretty good at her job as an assistant to one of Hollywood’s fastest rising talent agents, she has no idea how to move up the ladder. And when it comes to her love life, she’s stuck in perpetual lust for an adorably perfect bartender named Sadie. Her goals are clear—and Max has everything but the self-confidence to go for them. Even her mother seems to assume she’ll be crawling home to her childhood bedroom at some point . . .

When Max’s roommate, Chelsey—an irritatingly gorgeous and self-assured influencer in plus-size and queer spaces—offers to sponsor her for a new self-actualization app, Max gives in. If she can’t run her own life, maybe an algorithm guiding her choices will help? Suddenly Max is scoring big everywhere, and her dreams are achingly close to coming true. But when one of Chelsey’s posts reveals Sadie’s part in the app’s campaign, Max is poised for heartbreak on all fronts. Tired of the sponcon life with its fake friend
s and endless selfies, Max realizes that to have true influence, she’ll have to find the courage to make her own, totally authentic way in the world . . .

Fresh, feel-good, and endlessly relatable, here is a glorious love story for the digital age and beyond.

At Her Service offers a poignant and heartwarming look at modern love. With affirming themes of found family and self-belief, plus a sizzling romance that roars into a wildfire, prepare to fall hard for Max and Sadie! Amy Spalding is a powerhouse in romance, and At Her Service is a validating gift to the queer community.”
Courtney Kae,
author of In Case of Heartbreak 

"No one writes delightful heroines, fresh humor and dazzling portraits of the vibrance of Los Angeles like Amy Spalding. At Her Service is everything—a nuanced, deeply felt romance, a deft social-media send-up and an unforgettable story of finding your place and yourself."
Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka,
authors of The Roughest Draft

"Amy Spalding's writing will make you swoon, laugh, and fall in love with how outrageous Hollywood can be. I was rooting for Max and Sadie's achingly sweet romance, and found it hard to let go of them once I finished. At Her Service will stay with you in the best way possible!"
Erin La Rosa,
author of For Butter or Worse
Coming February 20, 2024, FROM KENSINGTON BOOKS
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Amy Spalding is the author of several novels, including the bestselling We Used to Be Friends and The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles), which was named a best book of 2018 by NPR, the Boston Globe, Kirkus, and more.

Amy grew up in St. Louis and now lives in Los Angeles. She has a B.A. in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Webster University and an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School. Amy studied longform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.


Photo by Jessie Weinberg

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At Her Service is a charming, uplifting, and deeply relatable romance


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