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NAMED A most anticipated book of 2024 by  paste magazine

A sweetly sexy, thoroughly modern new novel about single life, social media, career goals, and making the bold move to grab your own happiness—and write your own love story.

Max Van Doren has a wish list, and a great career and a girlfriend are at the top. But despite being pretty good at her job as an assistant to one of Hollywood’s fastest rising talent agents, she has no idea how to move up the ladder. And when it comes to her love life, she’s stuck in perpetual lust for an adorably perfect bartender named Sadie. Her goals are clear—and Max has everything but the self-confidence to go for them. Even her mother seems to assume she’ll be crawling home to her childhood bedroom at some point . . .

When Max’s roommate, Chelsey—an irritatingly gorgeous and self-assured influencer in plus-size and queer spaces—offers to sponsor her for a new self-actualization app, Max gives in. If she can’t run her own life, maybe an algorithm guiding her choices will help? Suddenly Max is scoring big everywhere, and her dreams are achingly close to coming true. But when one of Chelsey’s posts reveals Sadie’s part in the app’s campaign, Max is poised for heartbreak on all fronts. Tired of the sponcon life with its fake friends and endless selfies, Max realizes that to have true influence, she’ll have to find the courage to make her own, totally authentic way in the world . . .

Fresh, feel-good, and endlessly relatable, here is a glorious love story for the digital age and beyond.

"Although At Her Service is technically a rom-com, I was most drawn to its depiction of a young lesbian not just looking for love but also for friends and direction and an authentic place to grow within a town and an industry known for its superficiality."
"Spalding brings her twentysomething protagonists to life in this romance that delivers on both the heroine’s self-actualization journey and her happily-ever-after. A must buy for libraries looking for more fresh, queer contemporary romance."
Library Journal
"Spalding’s wonderfully messy characters are easy to cheer on, and the romance is sexy and satisfying. Fun and flirty but still grounded in reality, this is sure to delight."
Library Journal
"At Her Service is a charming, uplifting, and deeply relatable romance perfect for any reader who has ever dreamed of stepping into their own best life. I want to befriend Amy Spalding’s characters and live in her quirky queer romantic world forever."
Susie Dumond,
author of Queerly Beloved
"At Her Service is a painfully relatable story of finding the courage to reach for what you really want from inside the messy reality of your twenties. It made me snort with laughter more than once, and anyone who has ever taken comfort in a queer dive bar will be so invested in Johnny's—and its hot bartender—right along with Max. A wonderfully hopeful, queer, LA love story."
Anita Kelly,
author of Something Wild & Wonderful
"At Her Service is an ingenious millennial coming-of-age story about trying to find yourself in the age of apps and a culture of grind. Highly relatable, laugh-out-loud funny, and full of hot-bartender sapphic swoon, Amy Spalding joyfully reminds us that growing up can happen at any age and that we're all works in progress."
Alison Cochrun,
author of Kiss Her Once for Me and The Charm Offensive
At Her Service offers a poignant and heartwarming look at modern love. With affirming themes of found family and self-belief, plus a sizzling romance that roars into a wildfire, prepare to fall hard for Max and Sadie! Amy Spalding is a powerhouse in romance, and At Her Service is a validating gift to the queer community.”
Courtney Kae,
author of In Case of Heartbreak 

"No one writes delightful heroines, fresh humor and dazzling portraits of the vibrance of Los Angeles like Amy Spalding. At Her Service is everything—a nuanced, deeply felt romance, a deft social-media send-up and an unforgettable story of finding your place and yourself."
Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka,
authors of The Roughest Draft

"Amy Spalding's writing will make you swoon, laugh, and fall in love with how outrageous Hollywood can be. I was rooting for Max and Sadie's achingly sweet romance, and found it hard to let go of them once I finished. At Her Service will stay with you in the best way possible!"
Erin La Rosa,
author of For Butter or Worse

"Listeners will find a relatable, flawed character who is easy to root for. In nuanced ways, the story addresses important themes, the cost-prohibitiveness of some apps and sexism among prestigious Hollywood filmmakers."
AudioFile Magazine,

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