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A fresh, funny contemporary romance about being true to yourself and your desires, even if it means plunging into uncharted territory...

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Fresh off breaking up with her boyfriend and swerving away from the conventional, TikTok-ready married life she never wanted, Clementine is ready to explore the alternatives.


Not that she wants to be single forever, much less die alone. But at thirty-six, it’s time for her to experience new things—including in her love life. And though an invitation to a fake relationship to appease family sounds like a recipe for disaster, Clem finds herself saying yes to smart, spirited dog groomer Chloe Lee anyway... 

Chloe is long past her own baby gay era, but even before they’ve tackled Clem’s parents’ anniversary party and Chloe’s friend’s wedding, the two of them end up spending a lot of time together. As the attraction between them grows stronger, it all begins to feel pretty real to Clem. Chloe, however, is fine as just friends—plus she’s convinced Clem is just eager for “someone” to take her off the singles list. How to persuade her otherwise? After all, Clem is starting to realize her life is wonderfully full and being “alone” doesn’t scare her a bit. Still, being without the tiny powerhouse that is Chloe, specifically? That’s a whole other story... 

Wise, witty, and full of heart, here is an uplifting love story with an ending worth waiting for.

"I adore all of Amy Spalding’s books and On Her Terms is no exception. I related so much to Clementine’s story, and I think so many other people will too. This book is about coming out and coming into your own later in life, finding the courage to do what you want, instead of what’s expected of you, and, of course, falling deeply and gloriously in love."

Jasmine Guillory
New York Times bestselling author
"Amy Spalding continues her takeover of gay LA! On Her Terms is another sexy, smart addition to her interconnected tales of queer women in Hollywood and their misadventures in love, work, and life. I loved watching another of Amy's expertly drawn, quirky, self-aware heroines embrace the potential in her work, her friendships, and, ultimately, herself — on the road to falling for her dream girl. Cheers, queers — Amy Spalding is for us!"

New York Times bestselling author
"On Her Terms might be my favorite Amy Spalding book yet—probably because it’s the steamiest yet! I related so hard to Clementine’s desire not to follow the expected steps of life, like marriage and kids and relegating friendship to a lower status once those big-ticket items have been achieved. I also think this book will be so affirming for all the bi babes who have ever questioned their place in the LGBTQ community—the B is there for a reason!!"

Celia Laskey
Author of So Happy for You
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