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Hreporter2-1024x908First of all, I am thrilled that Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) was included in The Hollywood Reporter‘s top books for Spring!

But let’s get down to business: if your business is that you’d like to read the first sixteen (THAT’S RIGHT I SAID SIXTEEN I SAID SIX AND TEN) chapters of Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys)…you can! Go here and download RIGHT NOW!

Buzz Books of 2015

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2015-Spring-Summer-YA-Cover-small-2I’m thrilled that Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) has been included in the Spring YA edition of Buzz Books. You can download it FOR FREE for any ereading app or device that floats your boat, and you’ll get excerpts of 26 upcoming YA titles. I’m thrilled to find myself alongside Rebecca Stead, even if I only have alphabetical order to thank for that. Read the first few chapters of Kissing Ted Callahan where, I promise, you’ll find out very quickly all about the object of Riley’s affections, the titular Ted Callahan.

Feminist YA Novels of 2015

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I am truly thrilled to have Kissing Ted Callahan included in BookRiot’s list of 2015 feminist YA novels! I’ve already read All the Rage and Bone Gap and couldn’t be more flattered to see my book on the same list. Feminism isn’t just one thing or message–beyond equality, of course–and so it means a lot that my weird little romcom was included here.


School Library Journal Says I’m without Drama!

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There’s a first time for everything?

Thank you to SLJ for their kind words about Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys)!

kissingtedcallahan_RGBSixteen-year-old Riley is pretty happy with her life so far. She has her best friends Lucy and Reid; their band, the Gold Diggers, is getting better; and school is not horrible. After walking in on Lucy and their other bandmate Nathan, Riley and Reid decide they need to do something to bring a bit of romance into their own lives. They make a pact: help each other with their respective crushes and document everything in a notebook. Reid tries to overcome his insecurity and anxiety; Riley gets in over her head with three different guys—Garrick, Milo, and her crush, Ted. While trying to figure out what to do about the men in her life, Riley also avoids Lucy, feeling like they no longer know each other. The band starts to take off but everything gets jumbled as emotions escalate and things get complicated. Then the notebook disappears and Riley and Reid must tell the people closest to them the truth. Character-driven enough to keep the story moving, this book will appeal most to teenagers questioning and exploring romantic relationships. Sex does happen in this story, more than once, along with a small amount of drinking. Most readers will find the notebook entries (done in a handwriting-like font) humorous and relate to the confusing feelings that come from acting on a crush or trying to date in high school. VERDICT Recommended for teens looking for realistic stories without a hefty amount of drama.

Kirkus Likes Kissing Ted Callahan.

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(Headline totally stolen from my agent.)

So thrilled for this lovely review from Kirkus:

kissingtedcallahan_RGBSo many boys, so little time; what’s a rock girl to do?

Music-obsessed Riley and Reid, a writer, are shocked to find out that their fellow band mates, Lucy (Riley’s once–best friend and former confidante) and Nathan, have not only been secretly dating, they’ve also been doing it. Feeling glaringly inexperienced, Riley and Reid decide to keep a handwritten notebook—nicknamed the Passenger Manifest from the TV show Lost—chronicling all of their experiences with love, dating and sex. To Riley’s surprise, she becomes involved with three guys: science-loving Garrick, who once dated a celebrity; Ted Callahan, her longtime, irresistibly floppy-haired crush; and Milo, a fellow band geek and tuba player. Riley and Reid carefully record every detail of their dating foibles, but when the Passenger Manifest turns up missing, what are they to do? Narrated mainly by Riley, the story provides small snippets of Reid’s dating life—and, regrettably, little else about him—in the entries from the Passenger Manifest that appear between prose chapters. Riley’s approach to sex is a long way from Forever…; losing her virginity seems to be more an item on her to-do list than a milestone moment.

A not-so-fluffy chick-lit offering rife with angst, rock ’n’ roll and lots of kissing. (Romance. 13-18)

Singing Ted Callahan (and Other Songs)

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New York! I told you I’d have an update for you…and I do!!

Amy Spalding is a professional author, not a professional singer, but that’s no longer going to hold back her dream of starring in her own cabaret show! Join Amy for songs, a dramatic reading (or two), and special guests, to celebrate the release of her third young adult novel, Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys).

$5 Ticket without Book & a 2 Drink Minimum in the Cabaret Theatre
$20 VIP Ticket with Book & a 2 Drink Minimum in the Cabaret Theatre

Reserve your ticket here!! Now!! See you in May!!

Kissing Ted Callahan Events

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I would love you to attend the launch party for Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) on Saturday April 11 at 5pm at Skylight Books. Feel free to RSVP on the Facebook event page if that floats your boat!

If you’re in the St. Louis area, please attend a reading/Q&A/signing on Saturday, April 25 at 4pm at Left Bank Books. You may also feel free to RSVP on this Facebook event page!

If you’re in the New York area, I will have a link for you soon!

Hope to see you soon!!

A Few Updates!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe that Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) will be out in a few short months? Nope, me either! There are still a few days left to win a copy on Goodreads!

Speaking of Mr. Callahan, the cover got a teeny tiny facelift:

In other teeny tiny facelift news, my fourth book has a new title!…it is now called The New Guy (and Other Senior Year Distractions).

In non teeny tiny facelift news, I was a guest on Joseph Scrimshaw’s Obsessed podcast, talking about my favorite Swedish pop duo.