By Author Amy Spalding

"Amy doesn't just provide feedback in the most encouraging way possible; she gives specific ideas for how to fix what's not working, which makes her observations invaluable. My manuscripts are always stronger after I've gotten Amy's insightful reactions!"
--Developmental Editing Client
  • Are you a new writer with a brand new manuscript?

  • Are you getting ready to query agents but don't think you're quite there yet?

  • Have you had no luck querying agents and want to take another look at your manuscript?

  • Do you already have an agent but want more feedback before your book goes out on (gulp) submission?

  • Do you just work better when someone's working with you?

Cool news to you if you answered yes to any of these!


I am offering book coaching/editing services. A few packages I offer:

Developmental Editing

Now that your manuscript is complete, you may want editorial-style notes on it, including larger themes such as plot and characterization, and guidance on sentence-level work as well. You may have already completed multiple revisions on this manuscript or you may have just finished a first draft. Regardless, this would include:

  • Kickoff Zoom or call (or email, if you'd prefer) about your goals, wants, needs, etc. (up to 60 minutes)

  • Editorial letter on overall themes, arcs, characters, etc.

  • Marked-up manuscript with more specific thoughts and examples

  • Follow-up Zoom or call to review (up to 60 minutes as well)

Line Editing

If your manuscript is in great shape story-wise already, but you'd like a sentence-level edit of your prose, I'm happy to work with you on your project. Whether that's a limited amount of chapters to give you a running start, or a full line edit of your entire manuscript, I can help. This would include:

  • For a full manuscript, simply the marked-up Word document in track changes, with comments noting thoughts, concerns, and questions you may want to consider.

  • For a partial manuscript, a short letter summarizing patterns of the edits, to give you a reference point in moving forward to complete the rest of the edits on your own.


Getting Started Editing/Coaching

If you're early along in your project, you may want some notes on what you've done so far, and some guidance on what's happening next. This would include:

  • Editorial letter with overall thoughts 

  • Marked-up manuscript with more specific thoughts and examples

  • Follow-up Zoom or call to review and discuss next steps (up to 60 minutes as well)


Query Critique

It's what it sounds like! I'll review your query letter! Packages can include:

  • Query letter critique (includes one revision)

  • Review of other materials, if interested (i.e. synopsis, first pages, etc.)

Other Needs

I'm open to hearing about other needs you/your project might have, too. So feel free to ask! Reach out to me via my contact form. I'd love to hear from you and figure out a great solution for your work!

Pricing & Turnaround Time

Pricing is dependent on project type, and turnaround time is dependent not only on projects but my current workload. I'll discuss everything transparently with you, so just ask!

"Wait," you wonder, "is my project a good fit for you, Amy?"

Here's what I'm confident with:

  • Young Adult contemporary realistic fiction, particularly romance, friendship books, funny stuff

  • Other YA genres that "read like" contemporary fiction, i.e. I'd love to read your paranormal romance, but I'll be useless with your sci-fi world-building

  • Adult romcoms/contemporary romance

  • Commercial women's fiction (I skim over beautiful prose so nothing too literary for me)

  • While I have less experience with, I am a huge reader in the Middle Grade and memoir (of any age group) categories, and would be happy to hear from writers of these genres.

Here's what I bring to the party:

  • Eye on character development, growth, consistency, relatability (don't worry, I don't want your heroines to be too likeable either)

  • Similarly, thoughts on voice in your work and how to make it as strong as possible

  • Working with you on overall themes and how to bring them out

  • Heightening and highlighting comedic elements in your book (if that's what you're wanting to do!)

  • Big focus on real emotional reactions; finding "reality" in heightened narratives

  • Help in structure/pacing/story -- all that stuff that makes a book a book

  • Textual analysis to guide you to write intersectionally feminist books, even when they're about kissing cute boys, and avoid inadvertently problematic themes, situations, and representations*

    • I can include sensitivity read(s) on: fat representation and bisexual/queer representation​

  • Optimistic, encouraging, super reachable, mostly nice!...still honest. I am your biggest cheerleader but I'll also call out anything I think could be stronger.

My credentials:

Contact me to discuss your project and needs, and to hear rates, timing, etc.

*I'm happy to sensitivity read on a few specific subjects, but I, a white cis neurotypical woman, am no substitute for the array of sensitivity readers your project may require.

"Amy did an amazing job editing my manuscript, query letter, and synopsis. She also coached me through the process of finding an agent. I'm so grateful for her kind and constructive feedback!"
--Kate Sweeney, author of Catch the Light

"As a first-time author, I knew I needed help with my manuscript but wasn't sure where to start. I am so thankful to have found Amy. She was recommended to me by an author I admire and now Amy is an author I admire too. I appreciate that she took the time to talk to me about my book and what help I was looking for and based on that conversation, she recommended a developmental edit. Her suggestions were spot on and delivered in an incredibly timely manner. More importantly, her feedback was thoughtful, thorough, and kind and I always felt like she was on my team."
--Jenn Smith, Developmental Editing Client

"Amy offered a number of helpful suggestions with everything from plotting to formatting. She was honest with what was working within my manuscript, and most importantly - what was not. Always prompt with responses and her comments were all easy to understand making it simple to see where fixes were needed."

--Developmental Editing Client

"Amy not only helped me in painting a clearer image for my synopsis, she also showed me how to enhance my query and opening pages. Her critiques were so helpful that I used them throughout my manuscript, which resulted in my first Full manuscript request shortly after completing revisions."
--Paul Antoine, Query Package Client

"Amy is the editor you want to work with. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and excellent at drawing out larger themes and issues in your work. In addition to being an A+ editor in every way, Amy is also fun to work with! She is so kind and encouraging, and delivered spot-on feedback. I cannot recommend working with Amy enough!"
--Alexis Irvin, Developmental Editing Client

"Amy was the exact perspective I needed when putting together my submission package! Between her industry knowledge and indisputable writing savvy, she helped me put the final polish I needed on my work before the ever-daunting querying process. Can't thank her enough!"
--Matt Linenbroker, Query Package Client